Lamont Carey

I believe in the impossible. I do it everyday.

The Mission



My mission is to make the world a better place by inspiring you to accomplish your dreams. I will succeed by being an example of what can happen when I live out My  dreams. Everywhere we look we see the fruits of someone else’s passion to create something that didn’t exist or make this thing that already exist work even better. Not everyone of those people believed in themselves or had great self esteem. However, they believed that they could create the streetlights, they could build an automobile, that they could make an airplane soar through the sky, that they could write a book, that they could change their communities or just simply change the way they live their lives. 

You are no different from me or any of those other creators. You may be facing the same challenges that we had to overcome and that’s ourselves. Trust me; it’s not as hard as you may believe. I am only asking that you try it. If you want to write a book, just write that first page. You don’t have to start at the beginning. Start at the point that you are most excited about. Whatever it is, try it. Many people believe you need a whole lot of money to start anything; that isn’t true. When you start doing it, you will see how easier it becomes. Writing the next page gets easier, starting your business becomes easier, changing your community becomes easier,etc.  Start small but start.

I changed my life when I decided to TRY the arts. Now I am more at peace with myself. My self esteem is greater. I am more focus and I have accomplished more than I have ever accomplished before I took a chance on my dreams.

The best part of following your passion is that you will not only become the person you want to become, but you will effect the world just be taking a chance on yourself.




“Lamont Carey delivers a poem [I Can’t Read] about a successful black athlete who has never been taught how to read that is not only brilliantly written but perfectly read.”

- Victor Valdivia, Tucson AZ


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