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I think I suffer from multiple personalities because, I live several creative lives. You may have found out about me through spokenword but I am a filmmaker, an author, a director, a playwright, a motivational speaker, a recording artist, a creative workshop facilitator, a master of ceremony, an activist, a radio personality, an entrepreneur, business owner, ex-offender, and a dozen other things that I can not remember at the moment. The one thing that all of those titles have in common besides me is storytelling. That sums me up. I am a storyteller, that weaves tales from my ideas or yours. Everything we have learned has stemmed from a  story. We even learned math from the processes of storytelling. Place yourself back into that classroom when your teacher was explaining math to the class. That’s the first sign that you learned math through storytelling. Now 1 +1=2.  The first “1” is the beginning of the story. This is where the scene is set and you meet the protagonist. Then comes the antagonist: The plus (+) sign. The plus sign is the first sign of trouble. It  adds suspense to the story.  We know something is about to happen but we aren’t sure what. Can you feel the suspense? Then The other one “1” appears and it creates the drama. 1+1!! Oh My Gosh! What happens when you try to bring them together? That intensifies the drama. Now you have to figure out how to bring them together. This is when the equal sign appears. Drama increases! We know we have a serious problem! We know to solve the problem you have to bring them together. You toss in your little seat. Your brain is working nonstop. Then wham! You remember if you add one cookie to another cookie you now have two cookies! The climax comes in when you become sure you know how to solve the problem  You write it down: 2. 1+1=2! The end. Then your teacher collects the papers! The sequel begins!

See? Everything is a story. I am a storyteller. Because I am able to tell different kinds of stories it allows me to wear all of those hats.

To find out more about my businesses, projects and services, go to: LaCarey Entertainment, LLC 


“Lamont Carey delivers a poem [I Can’t Read] about a successful black athlete who has never been taught how to read that is not only brilliantly written but perfectly read.”

- Victor Valdivia, Tucson AZ


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