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I CAN'T READ - This is a spokenword story about a gifted 11 year old basketball star that is being advanced through school despite his inability to read or write. The lesson is the importance of having an education.

I HATE THIS PLACE -This is a spokenword story about an at-risk youth that chooses a life of crime to try to escape his improvised living conditions. His choices land him in worse circumstances like prison. The lesson is on critical thinking and consequences in choosing a life of crime.

SHE SAYS SHE LOVE ME - This is a spokenword poem from the perspective of the abuser and how his woman's low self-esteem traps her in an abusive relationship that leads to her death. The lesson is that abuse is unacceptable.

I LOVE MY SON - This is a spokenword poem about a fathers unconditional love for his child. The lesson is men do love their children and experience depression.

IMAGINE -This is a spokenword poem about a prisoner's loved ones breaking their ties with him and him falling into hopelessness and fear of going home. The lessons are the supportive needs of current prisoners and transitional needs of former prisoners being released.

THE STREETS -This is an inside look into the struggles ex-offenders dealing with the lure of the streets when struggling to transition to a productive life. The lessons here are that determination, a support system, goals and a strong will can be key to becoming a productive member of society.

CONFIDENCE - This is spokenword poem based off the inner struggles and lack of confidence of an individual who believes he is being rejected for a variety of physical appearances. The lesson is that an individual has to learn to appreciate who they are and not allow the negative opinions of others to influence their lives. 

BEAUTIFUL - This is a spokenword poem that reflects a man's appreciation of the plight and inner and outer beauty of black woman throughout history. The lesson is black woman have overcome obstacles beyond the scope of mankind and still remain outstanding beauties and pillars of their communities.

THE "N" WORD -This is a spokenword poem about an individuals disdain of the usage of black people calling each other "the N word". The lesson is regardless of who uses the word it remains degrading and continues to deteriorate the self respect of black people.

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND -This is a spokenword poem that focuses on the changes in the grading system of students that seem to increase the graduation and advancement of uneducated minorities who enter an adult society ill-prepared to function at a level to add value to the workforce and their lives. The lesson here is that school systems should be preparing students to be able to compete and fulfill their dreams instead of increasing their output of students. 

UGLY-This is a spokenword poem based on verbal abuse of a young girl that destroys her self-esteem. The lessons here are that verbal abuse is as destructive and violent as physical abuse and can be passed on from generation to generation.

THEY'LL NEVER BREAK ME-This is a spokenword poem based on a child's experience with bullying and the methods learned to ending it. The Lesson here is making adults aware how some children feel about adults lack of understanding in regards to this matter and to equip students with additional tools to ending their experience with bullies.



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Be mindful you are not purchasing the commercial rights or ownership rights of the lyrics. They are to be used for personal use and not commercial/resold/copied/recorded and sold/included in a live performance where you are paid/or marketed as your work. You must contact us to arrange commercial use of the lyrics in any manner)


LaCarey Email

“Lamont Carey delivers a poem [I Can’t Read] about a successful black athlete who has never been taught how to read that is not only brilliantly written but perfectly read.”

- Victor Valdivia, Tucson AZ


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