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I'm wise enough to know what it is I can't do,
but I am intelligent enough to know I can learn how to do it


"Laws Of The STREET"-The Play


This is the DVD of my first play at the John F. Kennedy Center. It's a play about an eight year old boy hating his home life and becoming seduced by the glamor of the drug culture. He learns the lure is only a fantasy. Now he has to find away out of the life but that's not as easy as it was getting in it. 

The play is based off of Lamont Carey's spokenword poem "I Hate This Place".

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“Lamont Carey delivers a poem [I Can’t Read] about a successful black athlete who has never been taught how to read that is not only brilliantly written but perfectly read.”

- Victor Valdivia, Tucson AZ


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